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Information is the resolution of uncertainty. Information Uncertainty Resolution.

Claude Shannon

Our vision

As Claude Shannon has already recognized, “information” reduce the uncertainty and so, each company needs “information” at all times. Companies have to deal with continuously changing market conditions. Consequently they need more and more cognitions to avoid the risk of bad investments.
In the era of the information economy, Information Technology (IT) is not considered anymore as a simple technological support to automate the business process, but nowadays, advanced companies define it as a fundamental requirement to be competitive and to become the market leader and their sector.

So the system of information is not considered anymore as a simple mix of different procedures, software, hardware and numerous infrastructures that are charged to the cost account. The new approach, puts the “information system” on the par with the nervous system of the creatures. Similar to the nervous system, the „information system“ perceives all important impulses from its environment and transmits them to the instruction center, where they are recognized and elaborated causing an appropriate reaction. It‘s always the nervous system that immediately transmits this reaction to the organism with the correspodent instructions.

The destiny and the survival of the numerous organisms depend on the efficiency and the force of the nervous system. At the same time, the destiny of the operational „information system“ of a modern company, depends on it to be competitive and survivable on the markets.

We Firmly Believe In The New Function Of Information