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Allinweb AG is certified in the iPhone Developer Program and is developing an Home Banking platform through which you can, after logging in, and in a complete safety way:

  • Check the balance, transactions and payments performed
  • Perform Accounts Transfers
  • Perform Domestic Wire Transfer transactions
  • Make an International Money Transfer
  • Prepare Standing Orders
  • Read and send messages from/to your bank

all this from your home or wherever you are, thanks to your i-Phone and the technology developed by Allinweb AG.

Allinweb Home Banking is – for now – based on a standard of three levels architecture but will provide in future the availability of SOA-based services.

The security of the data transferred is guarantee from the follow cipher process:

a) The message is encrypted in the device using the PuPr key, the “Public key” different for different bank’s customers:

b) The message resulting  and the DevID are concatenated together as represented in the following image.


c) The message as described on point ( c )  is encrypted again with the PuPu key and the result is again presented in the image that follows.


The process to de-cipher the data is the opposite

All the data flow through a SSL connection (at least 128 bit, depending on the customer’s infrastructure).

More informstions are available on web site.


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