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Allinweb shows, in its proposition for the Business Intelligence, SAS Financial Management, result of a constant capability of SAS on translate in software applications the innovation of statistical, mathematical, economic and management theories.
SAS FM is a decision support system tool to Planning and Management Control and it provides a valid solution to planning, analysis and reporting requirements. Using its calculation engine enriched by evolved statistical algorithm SAS FM provides also a valid solution for financial risk control and of definition forecast models.
SAS FM is an end-to-end solution, covering with its elements the following sectors: data loading, definition of allocation cycles and of dashboard, reporting production and publication on portal.

To support the definition of the models and of the cycles of allocation, SAS FM has an user friendly interface with you can perform:

  • Analysis dimensions;
  • Process workflow and users/profiles configuration.

Another plus of SAS FM is the integration with Excel, most considered the standard tool by the main key user, so it is possible the use its features to define formulas for allocation cycles.
The analysis feature of SAS FM is based on representation of the data in multidimensional cube (MOLAP Technology), allowing the usersto analyze the same event on different views (dimensions), for example the “overheads” year per year”, for Actual, Budget and for responsibility center.

Each analysis dimension, moreover, can be organized in hierarchies, without limit of the number of level. In the inner of each dimension it is possible to insert calculated formulas to represent indicators in the reporting or in the dashboards.

Allinweb is able to support implementation and maintenance of SAS FM in banking environment, having a strong functional and technological experience, among which the following activities:

  • Integration with third parties systems
  • Definition of forecast models
  • Definition of allocation cycles

Allinweb AG is partner SAS,


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