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The remarkable banking experience and the critical-thinking attention of the Allinweb’s professional, the company studied, analyzed and definitely supports the Avaloq core banking system-partner solution.

Allinweb is today a Candidate Implementation Partner with the purpose to give his support to improve the software platform. The specific major skills of Allinweb for Avaloq platform are:

Accounting and Pricing (Cost & Fee), with know-how transversal to all banking business area. We support our customers in Avaloq Modules Parameterization, helping customers to define the design and implement of the strategies and of the requirements, to implement and test the final solution adopted and finally to go live with the final product.
In more detail, Allinweb give support for the following range of activities:

  • Price list definition for main Avaloq modules (Stex, Security Events, Payment,Money Market, Trust Fund, Forex)
  • Special condition definition for standard price list, fee management (Numbered Account,Management Fee, Custody Fee, Safe Deposit Box,  Closing Account, Metal Account, Maestro Card)
  • Rule assignment for fiscal price list (Witholding Tax, Eusd and USD Tax, “Bollo Cantonale”)

The Accounting Module for which we support:

  • definition of the CoA (Chart of Account)
  • definition of different way to evaluate the client positions (market value, book value) and “Nostro” positions (market value, LOCOM, held to maturity, book value), Swiss Gaap Feer
  • definition of accountant rules
  • SNB law for legal reports (using “ad-hoc” software platform like Abacus-FIRE)

With a deep knowledge of the Avaloq booking and balance engine, Allinweb also support the customer to:

  • add and/or integrate account plan
  • add and/or modify accountant rules
  • parameterize internal and legal reports for the central external Institutions

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