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SDA Bocconi

SDA Bocconi

Allinweb AG, the 1° of October 2009, after request from Bocconi School of Management (Master branch) located in Via Balilla in Milano, presented “on campus” the company.
The meeting was enthusiastically carried out in a Multilanguage and Multicultural environment, where Allinweb AG people had the opportunity to report their working experiences to Bocconi’s students and other Bocconi’s people already introduced in the international world of work.

The presentation, carried out with a lot of participations, questions and answers, open the possibility for new interviews for some Bocconi’s delegates interested not just in Allinweb’s activities, but also in strategic position of Lugano City, Heart of Financial World, and in business opportunity that Allinweb AG – very young company for young people – is ready to catch when they come up.
We really hope that this bridge built between SDA Bocconi School of Management and our company grow up and endure in the following years.

More info should be found on the SDA Bocconiweb site.